What are we doing?


We sell spare parts of scaffolding and machines suitable for your needs and manufacture special parts.


As Aray Makine, we produce and rent hanging scaffolding and scissor lifts (MANLIFT) for your needs at the most reasonable prices.

Special Production

With our experienced and expert engineer staff, we design and manufacture the FACADE CLEANING MACHINES suitable for your building.


We guarantee that your system works perfectly from the very beginning with professional installation work.


As Aray Makina, we provide 2 year warranty for the products we sell. In the event of a technical failure, we carry out the maintenance and repair of our products quickly by our authorized personnel.

Spare Part

We sell suspended scaffolding, exterior cleaning machines and spare parts for scissor lifts and special parts for your needs. We guarantee 10 years of spare parts for every machine we produce.
Suspended Scaffold
Scissor Lifts
Facade Cleaning System
Special Productions