ARAY MAKİNA attaches importance to technical work with an experienced and trained project team. It follows an open path to development and innovation. It continuously reflects the new possibilities of technology to its production.

Our company makes computer aided design and manufactures by using this computer technology. Our company has the knowledge and skills to respond to all kinds of architectural projects in terms of design. We are ready to respond to your demands, with the awareness of not leaving the principles we have on the way we set out with the aim of having a different place in the sector -by providing system solution and consultancy services- and with the proud of the works we have created

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We both produce, sell and rent. We are closer to you with our reasonable price policy and our trustworthy solutions. We rent and sell SUSPENDED SCAFFOLDING and SCISSOR PLATFORMS that we produce in our facilities.


Custom Manufacturing

We sell spare parts of scaffolding and machinery that suits your needs and manufacture special parts.


We guarantee that your system works perfectly from the very beginning with professional installation work.


We sell spare parts of suspended scaffolding, facade cleaning machines and scissor platforms that are suitable for your needs and manufacture special parts.


As Aray Makina, we provide 2-year warranty for the products we sell. In the event of a technical failure, we carry out the maintenance and repair of our products quickly by our authorized personnel.

Spare Part

We sell and manufacture spare parts of suspended scaffolding, exterior cleaning machines and scissor lifts according to your needs. We provide 10 years of spare parts warranty for every machine we produce.

We are happy to reached today with you.

Our company, which has been dealing with the manufacturing and leasing of scaffolding systems for a long time, continues to serve by growing steadily.Our approach is focused on customer satisfaction  as  we are a war of the fact that customers satisfaction brings customers. Our customer portfolio is an indication of this.